Victorinox and ECAL innovate the material of the I.N.O.X. watch

To explore the possibilities of stainless steel in the watch industry, we wanted to ask the next generation of up and coming designers about their take on this traditional material. So we were delighted to collaborate with one of the most famous and innovative design schools in the world: the renowned école cantonale d’art Lausanne, in short: ECAL. Students from all over the world borrowed from areas such as medical surgery, nanotechnology or biomimicry, and applied this knowledge to the world of watches.

A story of tradition and innovation

Over the years we have built quite some expertise in working with stainless steel. About 100 years ago we were the first knife company in the world to work with this material. This innovation marked such a turning point in the quality of our products, that in 1921, we integrated the name for non-rusting steel “inox” into our brand name.

Ever since then, stainless steel has been at the core of our work. It’s this expertise which led us to the world of watches. With all our experience, it just seemed natural to start manufacturing timepieces. And that’s how the legendary I.N.O.X. was born: an homage to a material that keeps stunning us with its ingenuity.

Join us to explore the fascinating possibilities of stainless steel.

About Mervis Brothers Jewellers

Now situated in Johannesburg’s bustling Eastgate Mall, the Mervis Brothers story began over 80 years ago. In 1935, Morris Mervis established his first store in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD. After many years of apprenticeship in Europe, he quickly became known as Johannesburg’s premier supplier of fine jewellery and watches, with quality, customer relationships and competitive prices being his claim to fame.
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